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Hogan Story

Welcome to Hogan Bakery where we put our heart and passion into baking artisanal bread and pastries.

Originated from Taiwan, Hogan Bakery is one of the most famous home grown bakery chain with outlets in Taiwan, China and Malaysia. We believe in complete transparency where all the bread is baked from scratch with no added flavoring and coloring in the process, using the finest ingredients, traditional techniques and original recipes which all come together in the hands of our expert bread artisans to deliver the most authentic flavors and experiences.

About Us

Our Products

Focused as a fusion bakery, Hogan Bakery uses 40 types of dough to produce our bake goods, varying from French bread, European flavored bread, Soft Bread, Danish and Croissant, Toast and Dessert.

Bakers' Choice

Cheesy Jumbo Bread

7 hours of fermentation and baking.

The gigantic size of bread leads to its name: Cheesy Jumbo

Using Japan imported naturally ripened flour to create crisp crusty bread with fluffy crumb filled with rich and strong flavour cheese after a long fermentation and baking process. 

Cheesy Jumbo Bread
Baker choice Mulberrysss

Mulberry Cream Cheese Bun

The purest roselles and mulberries which grown and cultivated in the east coast of Taiwan are mixed with the imported soft cream cheese to create a medley of sweet and sour, just like the taste of romance.

Salty Butter Bun

French Isigny Cultured Butter.

Produced in the world’s top grade producer site, Isigny region of Normandy.

High-quality butter possesses the unique golden colour with silky texture and irresistible natural aroma.

Salty Butter Bun

Cheesy Spring Onion Bread

Fluffy bread is enhanced with deliciously satisfying cheese and given an aromatic lift with fresh spring onions for indulgence in every bite.