About us

Hogan Bakery – a bakehouse that extends a warmth feeling that comes from the skilled hands of bread artisans.

About Us

Originated from Taiwan, Hogan Bakery is one of the most famous home grown bakery chain with outlets in Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

When most of the businesses today are in pursuit of rapid production, Hogan Bakery chose the unconventional approach to “slow down the pace” to ensure that fresh and high quality products being produced, offering customers 140 different kinds of unique and healthy bread and pastries selection. We believe in complete transparency where all the bread is baked from scratch with no added flavoring and coloring in the process.

The breads in the store are all labeled with their different ingredients and their origins, offering a “bakery shopping” experience for our consumers to understand all our bake goods.

Bread, Sweet Dough, Danish & Croissant, Toast

The Concept of Hogan Bakery - Home-baked goodness

Focused as a fusion bakery, Hogan Bakery uses 40 different types of dough to produce handcrafted delicious bakes, varying from French bread, European flavored bread, Sweet bun, Toast, Danish as well as Dessert. Dedicating to offer more than 140 breads and pastries everyday, Hogan Bakery is ingredient-centric and focused on using natural and premium quality ingredients.

Hogan Bakery always emphasizes on never compromising on techniques and steps, differentiating ourselves through the textures and ingredients of our bakes.

Our Secret Recipe

Hogan Bakery is known for focusing on the duration and temperature when making our signature dough which has surpassed international patisserie standards. This undeniably takes experience, skill, time, proper control of temperature to regulate the growth of a healthy and viable dough starter.

The kneading skill also plays a part in perfecting this process. With the correct pressure and movement of the fingers, the unique aroma will be released through the bread dough for a better end products.

Dessert, Cookies, Cake