Bakery Shopping at Hogan Bakery (哈肯舖) @ Bukit Bintang

Hogan Bakery

Hogan Bakery is one of the popular bakery chain in Taiwan launched in August 2008, I remembered seeing this pastry shop at Taipei, but I’ve never got the chance to try it, I mean who would have thought of buying pastry at Taipei when there are so much street foods to discover but I tell you what, you shouldn’t missed HOGAN Bakery if you got the chance to visit Taipei!

Everything you see Just Freshly Baked.

Located at Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, where you’ll find Hogan Bakery at Lion Tower. In Taiwan, each Hogan Bakery offers over 110 different breads, baking more than 10 hours a day redefining the meaning freshly baked. New creations are constantly emerging from the R&D team making the experience in Hogan Bakery a ‘bakery shopping’ happiness. This was the founder’s dream to begin with.

Hogan Bakery

Hogan Bakery uses natural fruit yeast to enhance their pastries’ flavor and moisture while maintaining its unique taste and texture. Some pastries with NO EGG, some with NO Milk and some even with No Butter!

Find your Surprise at Hogan Bakery.

All pastries freshly baked every 4 hours hence you won’t be able to see the same bakeries stays in the shop throughout the day, this is how Hogan Bakery redefining ‘Freshly Baked’. Meaning every 4 hours all new pastries will come out from the oven.

JUMBO Cheesy Bread ONLY ONE giant loaf per day.

The jumbo cheesy bread is probably one of the popular bread that you shouldn’t missed! With 5 baking hours made this jumbo cheesy bread the reason why you should visit Hogan Bakery!

Hogan Bakery

The Jumbo Cheesy Bread come out from the oven at around 1pm-2pm, and it only baked once a day. A giant loaf will be cut into 11 pieces and selling at only RM 10.90 each.

Hogan Bakery

Champion Bread – Lychee & Rose Bread (RM 21.00)

Don’t be shock at the price, for RM 21.00, you’ll get a huge bread that can feed up to 4 persons. The fragrance of dried Lychee with a light smoky tone and the fluffy and chewy texture leaves behind a soft rosy aftertaste that lingers on. Natural sugar from Lychee & Fragrance from Rose that makes this a real champion bread.

Hogan Bakery

Mulberry Cream Cheese Bun (RM 16.00)

Fresh mulberries are mixed with the springy dough while the low sugar roselles are paired with sweet and sour cream cheese that made this a MUST- TRY bun! Of course RM16 for 1 big bun that can be split into 5 buns is definitely a good call!

Hogan Bakery

Something Unique – Squid Fried Baguette (RM 10.90)

If you think this is just another ordinary charcoal bread, hold it first! This is made from Japanese Squid Ink Powder and fills with Squid balls! Weird as it is but taste good as it is!

Hogan Bakery

Spring Onion Bun (RM 3.80)

A classic Taiwanese spring onion bread that uses healthy olive oil instead of lard to create the same beloved taste bursting with aromatic spring onions.

Hogan Bakery

Soft Honey Bun (RM 10.90)

The 20% colloid content of the granulated honey delivers a springy texture, paired with natural wheat aroma and the delicate sweetness of honey that makes this perfect soft bun that suits for kids and elderly, it’s really soft in the inside!

Hogan Bakery

German Pudding Tart (RM 5.90)

Perfectly portioned ingredients mixed with eggs, fresh milk and vanilla seeds create a fragrant velvety filling. Set in a crisp crust with hints of almond and reduced sugar for a more fulfilling treat. Most of the customers who bought this tart may have think that there’s some dirt on the tart but it’s actually one of the most expensive dirt that you may have eaten! It’s vanilla seed/bean! So be happy if the pudding tart you got has ‘more dirt’. =P

Hogan Bakery

Not just another Chiffon Cake – Valrhona Cocoa Chiffon (RM 15.00)

What makes this Chiffon different from the Chiffon you can get just anywhere? Is the expensive COCOA! Valrhona is an unsweetened dutched cocoa powder that has a very pure and intense cocoa taste, with a very warm red mahogany color. Hogan uses premium cocoa powder for their chiffon cake which set this chiffon to another level of pastry.

Hogan Bakery

Check out Hogan Bakery @ Lion Tower RM8 Breakfast Set from 8AM – 11 AM. Choice of one bread with any coffee. Promotion only valid until 4th June 2017. Grab it fast.

Posted by Wander Baz on May 29, 2017.

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